Why Choose CHS?

Carol Harris Staffing has earned a reputation of staffing excellence by assisting businesses with meeting their staffing needs. Find out more by reading below and calling us with any questions.

  • Reputation

    As a full service firm serving the Pittsburgh and surrounding area since 1987, we take a customized approach in meeting each client’s individual staffing needs. At CHS, we solidified our reputation for excellence by carefully focusing ourselves on the specific needs of our clients and guaranteeing the highest quality employee.

  • Experience

    With a staff whose combined experience exceeds 250 years in the staffing industry, CHS delvers quality service. Each member of our team adheres to high ethical standards with a sincere respect for our clients and our employees. In addition to continuing education in current Human Relations issues, our excellent in house staff completes monthly training seminars which to areas such as: customer service, employment law, employee retention, marketing, and recruiting.

  • Cost Savings

    The surest way for any company to save on costs is to reduce turnover and increase productivity. Hiring the right person for the job every time is the fastest means to accomplishing this task, and CHS is ready to make that match for your company. As the employer of record, we pay all wages, unemployment taxes, workers’ compensation, social security taxes, and Medicare taxes. You know our rates up front so your business can adjust to workforce demands at a stable, predictable cost. We developed our reputation for quality employees by thoroughly screening each applicant, and our talented staffing team’s years of experience in service ensures you have the right job match. Put CHS to work for your company and you’ll also save on the most valuable resource of all: time!

  • Flexibility

    Utilizing CHS’s staffing service allows businesses to adjust to the supply of workers quickly and at a predictable cost. Call us when you have staff needs for:

    • Extra workload
    • Staff expansion
    • Special Projects
    • Overtime
    • Medical leave
    • Deadlines
    • Seasonal needs
  • Screening

    Our customers benefit from the high standards with which we measure each applicant at CHS. Every temporary employee that we place on assignment has been thoroughly interviewed and references have been checked. We also require agreement to crucial policies and procedures concerning safety and substance abuse. Red flags such as gaps in employment, poor references, and criminal history are questioned and evaluated so our customers receive the highest quality employee possible.

  • Safety

    Employee and customer safety is a top priority at CHS. For this reason, we conduct facility walkthroughs for light industrial and technical customers and consider OSHA and EPA inspection history. In addition, workers’ compensation experience is reviewed. By ensuring a safe workplace and emphasizing employee responsibility to follow safety protocols, CHS and customer interests benefit from reduced risk and increased productivity.

  • Service

    At CHS we step past the role of vendor and into the realm of staffing partner. Our responsiveness, caring attitude, understanding, and follow-up with each and every job order builds a trusting relationship that makes finding quality employees much easier!