Current Employees

  • View Your Paystubs

    Due to an agreement with our pay card company, Global Cash Card, you can view and/or print your paystub information online. Follow the steps below to set up your account:

    1. Go to GCC ( and find the “User login” area on the right side of the screen.
    1. Click “New User?” Then “Sign up now.” You will be asked if you have a card with them. Click “Yes” or “No.”

    If “YES”

    1. Enter your card and personal information, and consent to disclosure to verify your account in the windows presented.
    2. After verifying your account, enter the following information in the boxes provided:
      1. Your FIRST and LAST NAME as they appear on your current paystub.
      2. Your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER in the Unique ID field.
      3. In the Employer name field typed Carol Harris Staffing, LLC
      4. Click Continue
    3. Provide the following information on the next page:
      1. USERNAME: (required) If your chosen username already matches one in the system, you will be prompted to choose another.
      2. PASSWORD: (required) Requirements for passwords are shown on the screen.
      3. PRIMARY & MAILING ADDRESSES: (required) First, enter the address where you live. If your mail should be sent to a different address, enter that as your mailing address.
      4. EMAIL ADDRESS: (required) You must have an email account in order to complete the account set up.
      5. SECURITY QUESTIONS/ANSWERS: (required) Select 3 different security questions & answers that you will remember. These are used to confirm your identity in case you forget your password.
    4. Click “submit” to verify your account, and then click “continue

    If “NO”

    1. Follow Steps 2 thru 4 above


    1. Once logged in, click the “paystubs” tab in the top menu bar.
      1. The “paystubs” box contains all of your paystubs beginning with the date your online paystub access was turned on.
    2. Hover over the date of the paystub you would like to view and click
    3. The paystub will display on the current screen
    4. You can Print of View your paystub by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top of the paystub page. To download your paystub to your computer, use your browser’s File, Save As….feature.

    Note: If you do not have a pay card, you will not be able to set up an online account until CHS has submitted your pay stub information at the time of your first pay.

    To access your account, you will need the username and password that you established. Each week your current pay information will be displayed along with year-to-date totals.  CHS does not mail weekly pay stubs.

  • Time Sheets

    All time sheets must be received in our office by 5pm on Monday to be processed for the week’s payroll. Any time cards received after 5pm may be delayed until the following week.

    CHS Time Sheet

    CHS UPMC Time Sheet