Client support has evolved…

Let us take over where outdated solutions fail! Carol Harris Staffing offers a variety of convenient services designed to assist you in moving your business forward.

  • The CHS Approach

    Carol Harris Staffing’s innovative approach to client support goes beyond traditional service methods that target singular problem areas that divide you from your business processes and staff.   At CHS we know that business success depends upon every process in the operation working together as a whole.  CHS’s holistic approach allows us to create a strategy for a comprehensive solution to your operations concerns.  We don’t just offer suggestions, we follow our plan through execution to completion.  We work hand in hand with you to determine how each business process affects the greater operation, and which processes are distracting you from your goals.  Then we create a solution that treats the total business.  Because CHS integrates your entire business into our service program, you never have to worry about missing pieces.  The key to our program is flexibility and the willingness to think “outside the box” so that you can achieve the results you need to keep your company moving forward.

  • Temporary Staffing

    CHS will recruit, screen, and place employees for assignments which could last from 4 hours to weeks, months, or even years.

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  • Temp to Hire Staffing

    Evaluate an employee’s capabilities before hire. You may bring on a temporary employee initially, and after the completion of 600 hours, hire the individual at no additional cost to you. 

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  • Direct Hire Staffing

    CHS will help recruit and screen candidates for any needs for permanent employees. If you choose one of our candidates, only a finder’s fee will be charged.

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  • Payroll Service

    Your company can recruit, screen, and select candidates who are then placed on the CHS payroll. You may transfer them to your payroll at any time with no fee due.

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  • Background Checks

    Our trained staff completes thorough background checks on all CHS applicants. Allow CHS to perform your background checks with results and accuracy.

  • Substance Abuse Screening

    We provide accurate, time efficient, alcohol and drug screening of up to 10 substances! Screening is available at all conveniently located CHS offices.

  • Reference Checks

    Before placement, each applicant must provide three references which are verified and checked by our thorough staffing team upon request.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Processing

    Increase your bottom line by letting us manage your tax credits. Save your company thousands of dollars and earn discounts if CHS is your primary agency!

  • Payroll & Accounting

    CHS is responsible for paying temporary  employee’s wages, unemployment taxes,
    workers’ compensation, social security tax, Medicare taxes, and also functions as the employer of record.

  • Computer Based Testing & Training

    Not only does CHS provide extensive applicant testing on our state of the art computerized testing system, but we also offer free software training from home.

  • Virtual Tours & Training Videos

    CHS can reduce turnover rates by taking  applicants on a “tour” of your facility. Future staff will feel like part of the team while learning about your company.