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Trust Your Job Search to a Top Job Placement Agency in Pittsburgh that cares about your career

Maybe you want your next full-time job. Maybe you want temporary work. Maybe you want a flexible schedule or new career options.

Whatever your reasons for looking for work, finding a great job with a great employer is often a challenge – when you try to do it alone.

With more and more companies choosing to hire through employment agencies, you have a better chance of finding the right job opportunities by working with an employment agency yourself. Better yet, an employment agency can help you skip past the most frustrating or tedious steps of the job search – filling out applications, waiting to hear back from employers, wondering how to update your resume – and get you working with a company that will value you.

But you shouldn’t trust your career to just any administrative or light industrial employment agency. Comprehensive Hiring and Staffing Solutions has over 35 years of experience in matching candidates like you with rewarding jobs that become long-term careers. Our expert team has spent decades building strong relationships with some of the best employers in the Pittsburgh and Western PA region and can get you in the door with flexible opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

CHS Is Committed to Your Safety & Success

Your safety, satisfaction, and success on the job are paramount to CHS. Whether you’ve been looking for a light industrial or office and administrative employment agency in Pittsburgh, you’ll find that your career trajectory and goals matter to our team.

You may have worked jobs that didn’t match your interests or skill set, or you may have missed out on the opportunity to put down roots and build a career.

When you work with CHS, you’ll notice our team does things differently. While some of our jobs are temporary assignments, we believe that temporary work should also provide a bridge to permanent employment. Working with CHS gives you a chance to explore potential employers and career paths to ensure they’re the right fit for your life and goals. You can expand on your skill set and showcase your talents to the companies that will provide the best foundation for your career. All the while, CHS takes on the role of your advocate and mentor, offering ongoing support and resources like resume building and career counseling.

Lastly, working with CHS means you have a safety advocate in your corner. CHS conducts  thorough facility walkthroughs and considers inspection history when considering potential new clients. We have high standards for the employers we work with and do everything we can to minimize risk and keep you safe.

Our Benefits

The candidates we work with want more than a paycheck. CHS is glad to offer competitive benefits to eligible employees, including:

Medical Insurance

CHS offers qualifying employees options for affordable short-term group medical insurance.

Weekly Pay

We compensate all employees on a weekly basis. Choose either a pay card or direct deposit to your bank account.

CHS employees are eligible to receive holiday pay after working 1,500 hours in a 12-month period and 40 hours in the 5 business days prior to the holiday.  Paid holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Vacation Pay

CHS employees who work 1,500 hours during a 12-month period are eligible for one week’s paid vacation.

Referral Bonus

CHS employees who refer a friend to our service are eligible for competitive gift card bonuses.


CHS employees are eligible to participate in our company sponsored 401K plan.

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